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How is a tenancy found?

At Property Collective, we use several effective strategies to find the right tenant for a property:

1. We utilize popular online listing platforms such as real estate websites and rental platforms. We create a compelling listing with detailed descriptions, high-quality photos, and accurate information about the property's features, amenities, rental terms, and contact details.

2. We leverage Social Media platforms to reach a wider audience. We share the property listing on our professional social media accounts, real estate groups, and relevant community pages. We also encourage our network to share the listing with their connections as well.

3. We tap into local networks and establish connections with local businesses, universities, and relocation companies. These entities often have employees or students looking for rental properties. We Inform them about your available property and offer to assist with any relocation needs.

4. We will install "For Rent" property signage on the property. Passersby or neighbours might know someone in need of a rental and can refer them to us.

5. We can potentially advertise in Local Publications (newspapers, magazines, or community newsletters). Some prospective tenants prefer traditional media, so this can help you reach a different audience. If the property is unique or has an interesting story behind it, we could commission some PR for further exposure.

6. We also engage in targeted marketing – we Identify the target demographic for the property and tailor the marketing efforts accordingly. For example, if it's a family-friendly property, advertise in local schools' newsletters or community centres.

7. If appropriate, we utilise established relationships with corporate clients of local companies or HR departments to provide housing solutions for their employees. Corporate clients often seek long-term rentals for their staff members relocating to the area.

8. We conduct open houses and showings to allow potential tenants to view the property firsthand. Being prompt, professional, and knowledgeable during these interactions is critical in making a positive impression.

9. Finally, we utilize our professional network, including fellow agents, brokers, and industry contacts. We inform them about the available property and request their assistance in spreading the word.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.